CPS Parent

About Me

I’m the overexcited parent of a rambunctious and loveable little daughter.  After watching her develop over the past year and a half, I got curious about what life after daycare would like for her.

Having grown up in the suburbs where the options were either your local public school or head off to a private school, I figured it be a pretty easy decision in the city too.  But after reading page after page about CPS, it was clear that the Chicago Public School system is maze that isn’t quite so easily navigated.


Parenthood is crazy enough without trying to figure out how to get a child into pre-school or kindergarten.  Then thinking about preparing a baby for some sort of testing that could set up their education for the rest of the childhood is even more nerve-racking.  And in case there are other parents facing similar questions that I would, I created this blog to document my journey and share what I’m learning along the way.