CPS Parent


I suppose I need to start somewhere so here it goes.  I’m very early to the game with my daughter who’s only 15 months old, so I’m taking my time trying to get to know the CPS system before I get overwhelmed by it in a year or two.


The more I get to understand the CPS process, the more anxious I get about how much I need to teach my daughter so that she’s “ready” for the admissions tests.  It’s crazy to think anyone can prepare a child for a kindergarten admissions test.  But the risk of not being prepared seems too great to be lackadaisical about the process.  I suppose every parent wants their child to have the best opportunities.


The way I see it, you really need to get in early because that’s when I would assume it’s the least competitive.  All the seats are open for the taking.  If you wait a year, then your child is fighting for the handful of seats that open up if someone leaves the school or if a couple seats open up as student-teacher ratios get bigger, if they even do.


As I start to figure out how to navigate the CPS system and understand more about each option within it, I’ll try to share it with anyone reading this.  I’m hoping to get a CPS 101 section built out over the next couple weeks for those interested.

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